We are dedicated to giving you the best riding experience possible.  That all starts with the proper fit.  Our staff is certified through Specialized's Bicycle Component University to use the Retul  and Specialized Body Geometry fit methods.  They also have Penn State degrees in Physiology along with many years of riding and racing experience.

Schedule a fit:
Please call in advance (814-238-9422) – we cannot do walk in fits because it is a time consuming process, and we want to guarantee that you get the attention you deserve.

What to bring:
Bring your bike, riding shorts, and riding shoes please. We need to see you set up just like you would be riding outside.

S-Works Fit    $1000    3 hours

  • Complete Retul dynamic fit session
  • S-works saddle
  • S-works stem
  • S-works shoes

Retul Fit    $300    2-3 hours

  • dynamic motion capture
  • full rider interview  with flexibility analysis

Specialized Body Geometry Fit   $150   2-3 hours

  • full rider interview with flexibility analysis
  • 3D fitting on bike

Basic Sizing    $75  30-45 min

  • saddle adjustment
  • handlebar adjustment