We take pride in our service and have a team of mechanics dedicated to getting your bike fixed quickly.  Contact our Service Department at Wrench@thebicycleshopinc.com.

Tune-up Packages

Keep it safe - Quick tune-up $39.95
Annual Maintenance - Standard tune-up $69.95
I Left It Outside - Deep tune-up $99.95
Make It New - Full Overhaul tune-up $169.95
BMX or Single Speed tune-up $39.95


Tire or Tube Replacement $9.97
Hub Adjust $7.95
Hub Overhaul $19.95
Wheel Truing $14.95
Wheel Build (Does not include spokes) $24.95
Spoke Replacement (Includes wheel truing, does not include spokes $19.95
Spoke Replacement w/tune up $9.95
Remove/Install Cassette on bike $5.95
Tubular Tire Replacement (price includes cost of glue) $17.95


Removal & Cleaning $29.95
Install Crank $14.95
Install Chainring/Rockring $14.95
Repair/Replace Chain $7.95


Adjust (Per Der.) $5.95
Install Derailleur $9.95
Install Shifter – Mtn./ Down tube shifters (Pair) $19.95
Install Shifter –STI w/bar wrap (Pair) $34.95
Install cable (per shifter) $9.95
Replace Hanger $9.95
Align Hanger


Adjustments $5.95/ea
Install Brake Levers $9.95–24.95/pr
Install Brake Pads $7.95/pr
Install Brake Cable $7.95/ea
Adjust/Bleed Hydraulic $19.95/ea
Other Disc Brakes Service $44.95/hr


Adjust $5.95
Install (on bare frame) $9.95
Replace $24.95
Overhaul $14.95
Face/Ream Head Tube $19.95

Bottom Brackets

Adjust $5.95
Install (bare frame) $7.95
Replace with new cartridge style $19.95
Overhaul (Clean and Repack) $24.95
Chase Threads (bare frame) $9.95
Remove Seized $44.95/hr


Install $24.95
Cut Steerer Tube $7.95
Thread $9.95/in
Face Crown $9.95
Seat Headset Race $5.95
Suspension fork work varies by brand and need. Cost of repair will be done by quote only. Often it is more effective to return the fork to the manufacturer.

Bars and Stems

Install Bars – Road $19.95*
Install Bars – Mtn. $9.95*
Install Stem – Front Loader $5.95*
Install / Replace 1-Bolt Stem $9.95–19.95*
*Prices do not include cables & housing
Install Bar Ends $5.95
Install Grips $5.95
Wrap Road Bars $19.95