Electric bikes are the newest cycling technology on the market, adding to your normal bike rides with a pedal assist system. This system measures the input of power that you put into the bike, and then depending on which mode, outputs a percentage of that power. You’re still in control of the biking and pedaling, but the electric power of the bike can help you get farther, faster than you might be able to alone.

At The Bicycle Shop, we sell e-bikes from Specialized, Cannondale, Giant, and Bintelli and are sure to help you find the one that’s best for you!



Some of our customers discovered the wonders of e-bikes and sent us a message to let us know how much they loves them!

“Over the past 8 months I underwent surgery, aggressive chemotherapy and a host of other debilitating scenarios that go along with a cancer diagnosis. I was strongly advised by the cancer center that it would take up to a year, lots of patience and hard work to regain my strength and endurance. I started a physical therapy program but progress was slow and I was confined to the indoors for the therapy. With time, I was finally able to walk a mile without major stress. A week later, through a family member, my husband learned how a pedal assist e-bike helped someone with their rehab following chemo.

My husband researched the e-bikes and we made a trip to The Bicycle Shop in State College, PA. Their experienced staff guided us through the various models, allowed us to take a test spin, and we ordered two e-bikes that day! Although road legal, we like the mountain trails which are close to our home. Now Tom and I spend lots of “outside” time together doing something that provides lots of exercise while having fun! :) We have only owned the bikes a month, and we have already biked over 200 miles! My physical therapy was converted from indoor drudgery to outdoor fun with far better results! The Bicycle Shop in State College is the best! They are experienced, responsive, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable about all of their products.

I find myself regaining my strength and endurance with every mile we bike! I absolutely love my e-bike!”

- Donna C., Woolrich, PA


“For me, my Specialized Como 2 was an absolute game-changer, and I could not be happier with it or with the positive impacts it has made on my life.

I live and work in the Borough and even when I was on my Vespa, driving and parking was a hassle. Now I just ride my bike and can park it pretty much anywhere. I added fenders and folding baskets, and can carry a lot of stuff for work, on a grocery run, etc. with ease.

The best part is riding for fun. I am not over the hill yet but getting over all of the hills around here was pretty daunting for me, and I had given up bike riding years ago. I rarely use more than the lowest assist level now, but knowing it is there has given me the confidence to ride anywhere, anytime. I have logged over 500 miles so far and hope to get in a couple hundred more before winter.

A big thanks to Erik and the rest of the crew at The Bicycle Shop. Everybody was great to work with and I just love my e-bike more than I can say.”

- Susan V., State College, PA


Most of our e-bikes do not have throttles - they are pedal assist.


Specialized works exclusively with the motor company, Brose, to design batteries and motors that are specific to each bike they create. The batteries and motors are created with a focus on the individual design of every bike, instead of working around a standard generalized battery and motor. This also allows for the bikes to have a lighter motor mount.

The Levo and Kenovo series bikes both have mission control apps, where you can set your goals and desires for your ride. The app will adjust the ride for you, in order to meet these pre-determined specifications. The Creo, Como, and Vado series do not have this app.

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Giant uses Yamaha motors for their electric bikes. Their e-bikes have a bluetooth connection that allows you to connect your phone to the bike after downloading Giant’s app.

Giant’s Lafree e-bike has special SyncDrive technology with a motor that automatically adjusts your ride to the terrain and environment, which makes your ride more effortless.

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Bintelli Bicycles offers a variety of e-bikes, from a price point that starts at $1,099!