August 13 - LHORBA ride at Blue Knob

On Sunday August 13, 2017  LHORBA will sponsor our 11th Annual Blue Knob ride and picnic day. There will be several MTB rides and road rides. Meet at the Pavia Run Pavilion, Mowery Hollow. Coming from SR 869 this will be the first right after you pass the swimming pool on your left and the big gravel swimming pool parking lot on your right. There will be a sign that says “Mowery Hollow”.

In order that we have enough food to share and a nice picnic variety, LHORBA kindly asks that you bring a side dish or dessert along with your own "special" beverages. All LHORBA picnics are free for members and their spouses and $5 for non-members. The picnic will start after the rides at 3:00PM

The Rides


1.    Randy Rusnak’s Ride: Meet at 10:30AM to set up the shuttle Intermediate

Ride will meet at Mowery Hollow in order to organize our shuttle. So do not get ready to ride at Mowery Hollow. Shuttle to the top. 10 Miles of "mostly" downhill riding. Lots of rocks

2. Rich Maher's Ride: Meet at 10:30AM to set up the shuttle. Intermediate and Above

This ride will feature Lookout Trail, the Connecter Trail to the Lost Turkey, then 9 miles of the Lost Turkey from the Towers at Burnt House. It will finish with a road ride from Burnt House back to Blue Knob. Approx 14 to 15 miles, and about 3 to 4 hours. Even though you will be losing far more elevation that what you gain, this can be a demanding ride with steep downhills, tough climbs, hike-a-bike sections, and a few challenging rock gardens. This is a must-do for those who like a "in the middle of nowhere" back country ride. But be aware that it is not an easy ride despite the fact that you are shuttling.

3. Kevin Campbell and Mike & Brenda Mucker’s Ride: 10:30AM Ride TimeUpper Intermediate & Above

We will start by climbing from Mowery Hollow for a 3 to 4 hour, 18 to 20+ mile ride that will include the best of the State Park side. This will not be a race pace ride but it will be a steady pace with lots of climbing to be rewarded with some of the best downhill cross country trails in PA. Brenda and I may break this into two groups if the group is large or if we see the need for rides at two different paces.


1. 51 mile ride - Ride leaders: Paul & Barb Godish, 14 -15 mph pace, moderate climbs, stops as needed. See this link for additional ride details. Ride time: 10:30 a.m. from the pavilion

2. 40 mile ride - Ride leader: Larry Babal, 11-13 mph pace, moderate (some short steep one's) climbs stops as needed. See this link for additional ride details.  Ride time: 11:00 a.m.

3. 35 mile ride - Ride leader Diane Tercek, 11-12 mph pace, moderate climbs stops as needed. See this link for additional ride details. Ride time: 11:30 a.m.

4. 16 mile Easy Rider ride led by Gil Demos. This ride has been called one of the flattest rides in western Pa. We will meet at the pavilion at 12:00 p.m. to consolidate cars and to caravan to the start in Weyant just a few miles down the road on 869  

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August 13 - Lumberjack Triathlon Williamsport

6:00 am Packet pick up
7-7:15 am Swim warm ups
7:15 am Mandatory pre-race meeting
7:30 am Event start


Overall female

Overall male

Top 3 per age group male and female:   U-14,  15-19,  20-29,  30-39,  40-49,  50-59,  60 & up

Available at the West Branch Boat Club.

Participant Guide:
Must wear caps
Start in the water
Course is 1 triangular loop; swim around the buoys keepingbuoys to your left.
Use kayak or boats and remove swim caps if you need help/ stop. 
Certified water safety personnel will be monitoring the course.
Watch carpet when you finish the swim
Wetsuits are permitted if the water temperature is below 78.0 degrees.    If the water temperature is above 78.0 degrees and less than 84.0 degrees. anyone wearing a wetsuit will not be eligible for an award. Wet suits are prohibited if the water temperature is above 84.0 degrees.

Must walk bike in and out of transition area to mount/ dismount area
Must Rack bikes in numbered area

Must wear helmet with a strap
No bottle exchange (water station)
Intersections are manned, but watch for cars/runners.
There are 3 sets of RR tracks. Take on an angle and slow!

1 loop up and back ( downhill back)
Water station just outside of the transition area and near the turnaround.( approximately 1.5 mile marker)
No headphones
Must wear your number bib.

Remove timing chip and give to volunteer
Grab water and snacks

Both transitions take place in the transition area.  Please report to the transition area person in charge before entering the area for your portion of the race. You will exchange your chip in the transition area. The chip must be on before leaving the area.

Drop out:
Tell volunteer and return timing chip.

Integrity Sports will be handling the official timing. You must use the chip they provide you and wear it at all times during the race.

Spectators:  Have a great view along the river and can easily see the run along the streets.

Medical: Susquehanna EMS will provide a comprehensive medical staff

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July 22 & 23 - MS 150

Ride Details

Date(s): Saturday, July 22 & Sunday, July 23

Start/Finish Location: Hollidaysburg Senior High School

Fundraising Minimum: $300 for the two-day ride and $200 for the one-day ride

Age Minimum: 12

Contact the event organizer

Ready for the ride of a lifetime?

Bike MS: Keystone Country Ride is a 2 Day event that will take you farther than you’ve ever gone before. What makes this ride so special? Bike MS: Keystone Country Ride takes you from Hollidaysburg to State College. Our picturesque roads and rolling hills across central PA are well supported with fully-stocked rest stops every 10-12 miles, a great lunch stop each day and safety provided by medical personnel, HAM radio operators, law enforcement and motorcycle escorts. The ride begins Saturday morning at the Hollidaysburg Senior High School. 

Enjoy an evening at the Penn Stater Conference Center and attend dinner, be engaged by our featured speaker, explore the campus, and check out Downtown. After your relaxing overnight stay, you will enjoy a different scenic loop back to Hollidaysburg. Don’t miss the infamous “Cookie Rest Stop,” Snow Cones at Link Rest Stop, and the Penn State Creamery. Enjoy the fantastic celebration at the finish in Hollidaysburg with chicken, pizza and live music!

Your participation will drive MS research forward faster, and deliver services to those who face the challenges of MS every day so they can live their best lives.

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By Coach Rick Schultz

I noticed something on a ride recently that I see all too frequently. Following a couple of cyclists today, it was hard to pass them since they kept swerving as they looked over their shoulder.

I see this all the time; a cyclist looks over their left shoulder and their bicycle swerves to the left. It creates a dangerous situation for them, with all the trucks and cars on the streets. And it's dangerous to any fellow cyclists around them as well.

So, what’s going on? Why does a bicycle swerve to the left when you look over your left shoulder and swerve to the right when you look over your right shoulder?

It’s All About COG – Center Of Gravity

Next time you are out on your bicycle, try this simple test.

Pick a road that’s straight, making sure there is no traffic on the road. As you ride, try keeping your bike in a straight line. Now, lean your upper body to the left.

What just happened?

The bicycle started going to the left. Why? Because you just changed the center of gravity from the middle of the bicycle to the left of the bicycle.

Since you are balancing on 2 wheels, the bicycle will want to "fall" in that direction.

Try This Trick to Hold Your Line While Looking Back

Again, keeping the bicycle in a straight line, lean your upper body to the left – but this time, push the bars to the right.

Don’t turn the bars, just use the bars to push/lean your entire bicycle to the right.

Why are you still going straight down the road instead of swerving to the left? Because you are keeping the center of gravity centered between you and the bicycle.

And that’s the trick. When you look over your left shoulder, push/lean the bicycle slightly to the right. Using this trick, you will continue to travel in a straight line.

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