Dec 17 - Boneshaker Cyclocross

Date: Saturday, December 10th, 2016
Location: 100 Avenue D & H north, Riverside, PA 17868

Beginner Category - 12:00 p.m.
Adult Category - 1:00 p.m.

  • The course is generally about 1.5 miles/lap.
  • It is designed to favor those with cyclocross gear (meaning about half is paved or equivalent).  But all bikes are welcome!
  • The course is similar each year, but not identical from year to year.

Signature feature:


The route crosses Fishing Creek.  Sometimes this is just a little ankle-deep affair.  Sometimes is a waist deep affair.  Pot luck.

The crossing is immediately followed by a very muddy sloppy sections of woods and mush.  Good, dirty fun!

  • Fully supported
  • Professional timing
  • Hot and cold refreshments
  • Cook-out during and after races



This might not be exciting to everyone, but this venue (Hess Field) was the very first Rail to Trail in the WORLD!  Yes, I said world.  Pretty cool, right?  And now you get to race here!

Part of the route you ride was originally a narrow gauge train line that brought raw materials like coal and iron ore to the foundries in Danville, PA.  Around 1890, the raw materials out that way had been exhausted.  This was around the same time in history that the BONESHAKER bicycle (named for it's ride on steel wheels) was all the rage in Europe.

The young industrialists of the time, bought some fancy, trendy, dangerous bicycles and began to ride them in Danville.  So of course, Danville immediately banned the brutish machines!

So, not to be denied, the young cycling industrialists, pulled up the train tracks on the exhausted rail line, and put down cinders, and sold badges to identify the members of their cycling club.  And that's how Danville got the first rail to trail, and maybe paid cycling club in the world!

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