The Happy Valley Women’s Cycling (HVWC) team is an organization of women committed to advancing women’s biking and racing in Centre County, Pennsylvania. Our race team is composed of women of all ages and abilities who race road, gravel, and mountain bike. Check out the team bios below and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


2018/2019 Race Team


Tanya Hampton

Race Team Manager & Bicycle Shop Ambassador

Primary Discipline: Endurance Gravel Races 

Years Racing: 1 year with HWVC, 3 years with
USA Cycling

Strengths:  Training consistency, pushing past the comfort zone, encouraging teammates 

Career Highlights:

Official Finisher of The Pittsburgh Dirty Dozen (11/2017)

Monster Cross - 2nd place (after returning for the 3rd year & taking the podium) (2/2018) 

Agony in the Alleghenies - 1st place (10/2018) 

Mount Davis Challenge - 2nd place (7/2018)  

Pisgah Monster Cross - 7th place (9/2018) 

“I could list out all the races that I have raced this year and what places I received, but that’s not as important to me as I once thought it was. It is even less impressive depending on what cycling circles you ride in. Still I ask myself the question how do we empower a community simply by riding a bike? By doing the things you think are not achievable. By setting goals that seem impossible. By dreaming bigger! Let’s work together to build a strong community of women cyclists who ride and dream together.”
— Tanya